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Have you heard of Calcium Bentonite Mineral Clay?  Your answer probably is no.  Well, don’t worry as you are not the only one who has hardly an idea about this type of mineral clay.  Surprisingly, this is a “healing clay” that was used anciently by different communities in Central Africa, Andes, and U.S.A and even in Europe to cure illnesses and relieve people from distress.  Today, Bentonite clay has emerged again as an acclaimed daily detoxifier which you can use both externally and internally.

What is Bentonite Clay?

Scientists attribute the natural formation of Bentonite clay to the aged and massive volcanic activity that took place in Fort Benton, Wyoming several years ago.  As a result, the lava spread from the volcanic eruption and settled down with the finest of clay sediment toppings weathered and aged in the presence of water forming a composite referred to as Bentonite clay — which now is its recognized trademark.  Due to the volcanic activity, this composite became rich in chemical nutrients such as sodium, magnesium, silicon, potassium, copper, and iron.

Bentonite clay is unquestionably a unique substance that carries a rather strong negative ionic charge, and that charge is compensated for through absorption of a positively charged ion into the core of the molecule.  It is this process that determines the variety of the Bentonite clay – sodium or calcium, as the difference is their concentration of chemical compositions.

Understanding uses of Bentonite Clay

People are generally aware of the hazardous consequences of environmental toxins that our bodies come into contact with every day.  However, what they may not know is that almost everything excretes toxins; trees, animals, pollution, and other complicated things.  

The intriguing part is that we are not too keen on cleansing and detoxifying our bodies, yet we contact these impurities numerous times a day in every activity we conduct.  Undoubtedly, the Wakaya Perfection brand of Calcium Bentonite Mineral Clay will combat these toxins through internal cleansing, maintaining healthier skin, relishing instant relief of soreness and inflammation, and removal of acne or oral care.

Internal Cleansing

Indeed, the Calcium Bentonite Clay uses are not limited to those mentioned above.  Specifically, when taken internally, the QeLe Daily Detox Drink (Liquid Bentonite clay) can absorb and remove toxins, and in doing so, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals are passed out together through feces. 

When clay is hydrated, it generates an alkalizing effect on the foreigners present in the body; and as it expands, the negative electrical charge attracts the positive charge from the unwanted substances in the body have.


Bentonite Clay also has several uses externally, especially that of skincare.  It is usually applied to the body to cure blemishes on the skin, relieve itching, soreness and inflammation.  Also, once used on the affected area, it acts as a poultice for cuts and burns sealing them entirely until the matter dry’s off.


Every time we talk about this bentonite clay, we find it very difficult to ignore the fact that it can be used limitlessly to make beauty products.  Beauty comes from the inside, and Wakaya’s SAVA Calcium Bentonite Clay Collection helps nurture that process; therefore, a clay bath will bring out the best of your beauty by removing unwanted matter in your skin.  Additionally, this clay detox works best as a facial cleanser actively removing acne and dark spots.

Oral Care

Bentonite clay powder is a healthy and useful oral care addition.  When you use it, be prepared for the remarkable amazement you will see from the whiteness of

Calcium Bentonite Clay Toothpaste

your teeth … a whiteness every one of us would like to have.  It also prevents tooth decay and demineralizes your teeth and can be used daily or weekly.

What are the Benefits of Calcium Bentonite Clay?

It is now becoming easier to decipher the benefits that come from using bentonite clay, now that you know about it.  Customers celebrate bentonite clay for its richness in nutrients used for healing and ridding the skin of toxic elements.  Regarding the liquid, the digestive tract system is the first beneficiary of its properties as it relieves constipation, removes harmful pathogens such as aflatoxins and, maybe we can say, solves all the digestive complaints.

Secondly, our bodies require a balanced chemical composition to function well.  Due to its alkalizing effect, bentonite clay can properly balance body pH.  Its richness in nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, silicon, sodium, and iron among others, brings the chemicals in the body into proper balance, therefore, causing it to function as required.

Finally, we have talked about the hydration effect of bentonite clay and its electromagnetic force capable of removing heavy metals and health damaging environmental pollutants.  Therefore, it does no harm to say that it resists harmful organisms which are detrimental to the human body.

How to buy Calcium Bentonite Mineral Clay

If you are looking for this exceptional healer, be careful of unscrupulous vendors who claim their version of clay has abilities similar to those found in Wakaya Perfection’s SAVA Calcium Bentonite Clay Collection. 

A few things to look for when comparing quality calcium bentonite clays are:

1) a smooth creamily textured clay that expands when shaken with water;

2) a non-gritty clay that adheres to the skin, pulls it airtight and doesn’t brush or flake off quickly — the tighter it feels, the better the detox process is for your skin;

3) a clay that stays evenly emulsified and does not separate after being shaken together;

4) a clay that, when taken internally, feels cool and has the consistency of chocolate milk but no taste (not sweet, not bitter, not sour); and

5) a clay with a high pH balance (8.5 – 10.0) and able to neutralize and balance acidic conditions. 

SAVA Calcium Bentonite Collection

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