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Well, that depends. 

The truth is, most people come into the Network Marketing industry with high hopes, big dreams, and unrealistic goals and have no idea what it entails.   Which, is why eight weeks in, they are ready to throw in the towel.

If only someone would have explained to them the real challenges involved in building an entire organization based solely on commission, maybe, just maybe, they would have gone another direction.

Although, on the contrary, some come into this business with big dreams and are very successful in building an organization.  You wonder what it is they’re doing that you are not.  What approach are they using, and where are they finding the leads to get it done?

You ask yourself, how do they manage to complete so many deals, when you can’t even close one?

Yeah, it’s pretty puzzling.

So, why do some succeed in network marketing and others fail?

Well, here’s the answer —

You Need to Have a Strong Desire to Excel

Yep, that’s where it begins.  It’s like the runner who gets up at 5:00 am every morning to hit the trail and start their training.  Excitement and adrenaline are pumping, and they are ready to achieve their goals for the day.

Even while they are running, they are thinking about tomorrow’s training.  This level of excitement and determination is the mindset of a successful network marketer.  Until they reach their goals of having to work only a mere few hours a day, and some days not at all, they work through the day consistently thinking about tomorrow and how they can do things differently to attain better outcomes.

Such as how will they market their products?  What new strategies will they employ?  How many prospects will they pitch?  How many deals will they close?  More importantly, how many lives can they change with their product(s)?

The most successful network marketers are always looking forward to the future and thinking ahead to the next strategy and prospect.  Whatever it is that will advance their organization to the next level.  The ultimate goal is to lessen the number of hours they have to work each day, each month, each year while building and maintaining a thriving organization that will reward them with perpetual income for as long as entrepreneurially possible.

You Must Possess Leadership Skills

Successful network marketers have a natural ability to lead groups of people and organizations; this is where they thrive.  They can see the vision clearly and inspire others to see it as well.

Guidance is one of their strong suits, and it’s one they take very seriously – showing people how to achieve a better lifestyle and how to acquire financial freedom is what they aspire to do each day.  Focus, integrity, passion, and patience are the tools they use to build and train teams within their organization.

They understand the true meaning of “support,” and they know how to apply it, as well as how to incentivize their team to take action.  While some believe you teach leadership skills, others think they are innate in the beholder who extracts and executes them once they realize the vision.  Either way, if you lack this skill set, this may not be the industry for you.

You Need the Ability to Motivate Others

Motivating your team is critical because, without them, nothing gets built.  So, no team means no organization, which in turn means no financial independence.

Do you see how that works?

In a duplicatable system, network marketers have the incredible task of motivating and teaching their team the necessary skills to duplicate the system themselves.  Which, if followed, will allow team members to receive a higher return on their investment.

Network Marketing involves investing much of your time and effort into learning successful selling techniques such as prospecting, marketing, and closing.  Without these skills, it’s tough to excel in this business.  Though, individuals who appreciate a challenge might find their niche here.

However, that doesn’t mean you need a college degree or even a high school diploma to work in this industry.  It only implies you need to make necessary sacrifices to ensure your success.  If you have a good upline that actively supports their downline, in addition to your efforts, they will make sure you learn the skills required to do the work.  Because doing so ensures their success as well.

For these reasons, marketers must have motivational skills to encourage their team to take action and help them recognize and build on why they cam into the business, as well as teach them how to change their financial situation.  

You Can Never Accept Failure as an Option

The hardest part of Network Marketing is that your income is based solely on commission.  As with any job, if you don’t learn the skills and put in the work, you’re not going to do well.  End of subject.

Furthermore, if you don’t like working with people, you should probably avoid getting involved in this field, as connecting with people is the bloodline of this industry.

However, for those who genuinely enjoy working with people, love building relationships, and who possess the qualities mentioned above, failure is never an option!

Network marketers have an ironclad policy and strategy.  No matter how hard the team-building process becomes, they hold onto the vision they want to see for themselves and their families.

For the successful network marketer, it’s not just about working the business and enjoying all the perks that come with financial freedom.  Instead, it’s about creating a lifestyle they can share with their team and a legacy they can leave for their families.  So at no cost will they ever accept failure. 


People that come into this business without prior knowledge of what it entails find out rather quickly if they have what it takes to survive in this industry.  The untold secret to success in this business is to be yourself.

If you don’t focus entirely on outcome and profit, but instead on the journey and the process, and not think of it as recruiting, but as sharing valuable information, your approach to team building changes.  Any tension or apprehension you may have about recruiting is alleviated.

Confidence is key.

However, it would help if your recruits believe in the product or service they are being asked to promote; otherwise, building your organization will become problematic.

Network Marketing can be a lucrative solution for earning perpetual income if you are ambitious and have a strong desire to succeed.  It is essential to understand that your success in this industry directly correlates with your effort.  Thus, it would help if you were prepared to do the work to obtain the results you seek.

If you think you have what it takes and are serious about becoming a network marketer, here’s an opportunity you might want to check out!

We’re always interested in hearing from other network marketers, so feel free to share tips and experiences in the comment section.

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