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Independent Business Ambassador

Hello.  I’m Jacquie!

Christian * Wife * Wellness-Helper * Opportunity Creator

I know.  You’re probably wondering what exactly a “Wellness-Helper” is, right?  Well, maybe not.  But, what a cool name to call oneself, huh?  Though it’s pretty much self-explanatory since “wellness” is something we all aspire to achieve, physically and mentally.  So, quite simply — it’s a person who seeks to inspire others to obtain greater wellness through challenging themselves to reach higher and believe greater.

My desire compels me to go the extra mile to help individuals effectuate positive and physical change by choosing to live a healthier lifestyle.  No, I’m not a doctor, nor am I a health practitioner, but I am someone who encourages others to be their very best.  Any health changes you chose to make, should always be discussed with your doctor first, even if it only involves the inclusion of spices added to your diet.

Through the assistance of pure and proprietary products that have been proven to help get you well inside and out – and to help you maintain that wellness – you can achieve the positive, healthy change you desire.

With natural products, your healthy transition is only one step away.  I am here to support you and to encourage you through your journey should you choose to take one.

As a wellness helper, it is the number of persons I connect with who are willing to be a part of this life-changing journey!

I love what I do, I do what I love, and I take it seriously.  When I fail, I just begin again.


So, join me in discovering your new path to freedom!

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